Leader's Speak

Leader's speak

Swami Raote
Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson Consumer
Area Managing Director, ASEAN

What binds me to Johnson & Johnson is its values and people.
The Credo is our moral compass, helping us get to the best possible decision. It is amazing how people across different cultures, geographies and upbringing converge towards a decision that respects and strikes a good balance among our different stakeholders. Our leaders tend to be extremely smart yet grounded, having the rare ability to connect across a plethora of people from different walks of life and learn from everyone.

Being one of the world's largest health care businesses presents vast opportunities for our employees. From sutures, contact lenses, knee and hip implants, BAND-AID® and Johnson’s Baby® powder, we have a huge repertoire of products and services designed to help doctors, nurses, patients and consumers.

Whilst we are a $65 billion company globally, we have the heart and feel of a small family and we execute with agility.