Leading from the Top

Johnson & Johnson’s senior management is fully committed to the company’s diverse programs that contribute to society in a meaningful way…


Sushobhan Dasgupta
Managing Director, J&J Medical India
Vice President – Asia Pacific, LifeScan

We all know that our country needs a lot of good Samaritans who proactively come forward to eradicate some of the challenges we face in our society.

At J&J India, we recognize the need for being responsible corporate citizens and for shouldering our responsibility towards giving back to millions of underprivileged people in India. What amazes me in our organization is the passion and dedication that each of our employees demonstrates in fulfilling our social commitments. Not only do we as employees of Johnson & Johnson India wholeheartedly participate in all the social activities that are organized for the underprivileged under the Corporate Contributions Program, but several of us make significant personal contributions, doing our bit in our local communities towards helping the needy.
Our Credo is truly lived by our extraordinary people at Johnson & Johnson India, and I am proud to be a part of this great organization.



Sanjiv Navangul
Managing Director
Janssen India

Throughout its history, J&J India has paid close attention to its Corporate Social Responsibility and has been vigorously implementing a number of corporate social initiatives. We, as employees and fellow citizens owe it to the country to support a healthy India. It is heartening to see that we actively participate, engage and contribute our might. Together, let us continue on this rewarding journey towards enriching more lives and empowering the underprivileged.