Micro Projects

Designed to reach into the interiors of the country and are initiated by the Johnson & Johnson Location Committees. These projects call for a high degree of employee involvement and participation and help to spread
Our Credo values organization-wide.

Micro Projects span the following four pillars:

  • Saving & Improving Lives of Underprivileged Women and Children
  • Building Healthcare Capacity
  • Preventing Diseases, Reducing Stigma and Disability
  • Community Responsibility

The keen interest and involvement of Johnsonians in a spectrum of Micro Projects has contributed towards a large number of underprivileged children gaining access to quality education and health care.

Vocational Training Unit for the Deafblind

Vocational Training Unit for deafblind

As deaf and deafblind students grow to adulthood, they need to be equipped with skills that will make them employable, as well as more independent.

The Vocational Training Unit (VTU) project was started in 1997 by the Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf and Deafblind to provide appropriate vocational and rehabilitation services to students reaching adolescence. The Unit focuses on developing skills that encourage independence in work-related areas, as well as in thought, movement and self-care.

The VTU project also addresses the larger needs of the community, with respect to creating awareness of deafblindness and encouraging the development of healthy and positive attitudes towards the disability.

Each trainee is placed in an appropriate job, based on his/ her skills and level of functioning on completion of the training.

Beneficiaries: 35 Deaf & Deafblind trained by J&J.

TOUCH Project - Child Sponsorship & Textbook Bank

TOUCH Project

Keeping poor students in school is a challenge and even more so in rural areas. Moreover, there is a need for a well-rounded education so that these students can excel.

The TOUCH Project strives to help rural and poor children to overcome the hurdles that keep them from gaining an education. The project is currently, supporting the education of 1000 children from various districts in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan and West Bengal. A number of developmental initiatives are also organized for the sponsored children, during which they are exposed to personality development activities in a comfortable environment.

The TOUCH Project selects beneficiaries by visiting children’s homes and schools and assessing the children’s financial condition.

Apart from sponsorship of deserving students, a model Book Bank that stocks textbooks for all professional and degree courses has been started at Vihigaon. This Book Bank reduces the financial burden on poor students by enabling them to borrow books for a financial year, rather than buying them.

Beneficiaries: Child Sponsorship & Book Bank benefits 1,000+ students.

Paramedical Training for Underprivileged Girls

Paramedical Training

The status of underprivileged girls can only be improved through better employment opportunities. For this to happen, the girls’ competencies have to be enhanced their through vocational and personality training.

The B. C. Girls Hostel, in Solapur, is a Charitable Trust working towards the education, shelter and rehabilitation of girls from the economically backward classes.

The project supports two one-year vocational training projects to enable these girls to start earning and become economically independent as early as possible:

  • The Arogyasahayak (Patient Assistant) course trains the girls as paramedical staff for hospitals and old age homes. The course covers all aspects of nursing, through theory and practical in the classroom as well as in hospitals. Over 100 girls have already been placed in reputable hospitals and clinics through this program.
  • The dress-making course has enabled participants to get jobs in garment factories, while others have started their own tailoring businesses, with minimum investment. So far, over 50 girls have been benefited by this program.

Beneficiaries: 130 girls from the economically backward class.

Adhar - Association of Parents of Children with Special Needs


Caring for a mentally challenged adult is a lifelong responsibility and is very demanding on the parents. As they age, parents of mentally challenged adults find it more difficult to cope and require assistance.

Adhar, a residential center supported by Johnson & Johnson, provides complete physical, psychological and partial financial relief to the aged parents of 200 mentally challenged adults, by providing the latter with life-long residential care. Residents are provided with round-the-clock care and protection, wholesome food, medical care, vocational training and recreational and sports activities, with the help of specially qualified staff: vocational instructors, medical and psychiatric experts, trained social workers and clinical psychologists.

Beneficiaries: 200 mentally challenged adults and their families.

Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre

Khushi Pediatric Therapy

While the awareness of Autism has been growing in India in the recent past, there are still many issues that autistic children and their parents face. These include scarcity of trained educators, as well as too few institutions and programs tailored for autistic individuals.

The Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre in Mumbai, which is supported by Johnson & Johnson, helps children and teenagers diagnosed with Autism – a neural development disorder that is characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, as well as restricted and repetitive behavior.

This Centre has been working with autistic individuals for the last 12 years and is staffed by a team that has been trained and certified in recent therapy practices. There are plans for setting up a pre-vocational training center, using modern information technology aids such as desktops, laptops and Ipads to enhance and accelerate learning in autistic individuals. They can use these aids to help communicate (non-verbal children) as well as to pursue a career and thus gain more independence.

Funds are also deployed towards psychometric and therapeutic tests to assess the autistic individuals’ functional ability – thus helping the Khushi team in formulating short-term goals for them.

Beneficiaries:150 children

Impact India Foundation

Impact India Foundation

A concerted effort is necessary to improve the health standards of the rural and tribal population of the country. Holistic practices are necessary to reduce infant and maternal mortality, as well as to prevent and cure disabilities.

Impact India Foundation’s Community Health Initiative (CHI) covers a population of two million people, mainly tribals, in the rural Thane District of Maharashtra.

In partnership with the Government of Maharashtra, CHI uses existing infrastructure and available delivery systems to reduce disability by prevention and cure. It is aligned with the National Rural Health Mission to provide integrated primary health care, in consonance with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 2015 – reducing infant mortality and improving maternal health.

CHI's 'Saving Lives Through Baby Wraps' project aims to motivate rural women to deliver their babies under skilled medical care at Government facilities – thereby reducing the high infant and maternal mortality rates that arise from unsupervised home births.

Johnson & Johnson has donated Baby Wraps which contribute substantially towards saving lives. These wraps signify the importance of taking care of newborn children by swaddling babies immediately after birth. This minimizes the chances of babies dying of hypothermia due to the temperature difference between the mother’s warm womb and the cold external environment.

Beneficiaries: 2000 newborn babies

Light of Life Trust

Light of Life Trust

The rural underprivileged require a gateway that can lift them and their families out of their present circumstances. In most cases, education can be that gateway.

The Light of Life Trust (LOLT) is a public charitable trust that was established in 2002, with the vision of transforming the lives of rural, underprivileged people, through various supportive and sustainable programs that are focused mainly on women and children. After a 2005 study brought to light the issue of out-ofschool children requiring immediate attention, LOLT launched Project Anando, which focused on the overall development of 25 children in Karjat Taluk of Raigad District, Maharashtra.

Since then, Project Anando has been implemented in five districts in Maharashtra and has reached out to over 7,000 beneficiaries in 35 centers covering 325 villages and it continues to grow rapidly.

Many of these children are now in engineering programs, optometry courses and working in BPOs. They have amazing confidence levels and are messengers of change in their respective areas.

Johnson & Johnson has disbursed a grant towards setting up and operating a Library & Reading Room at the Anando Project Office near Karjat Station. It was inaugurated on March 23, 2013, by Mrs. Villy Doctor, Founder, LOLT. It is now fully functional and stocks over 1800 books in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Beneficiaries: Over 700 rural children and their parents, school teachers, social workers and peer groups