"If it irritates you, change it” - Stayfree® Advanced

The Stayfree® range of sanitary napkins is known for providing a wide variety of choices to meet the diversified and sophisticated needs of women in India. Keeping this in mind, Johnson & Johnson Consumer embarked on its biggest launch in the Premium Tier – the first ever “Soft Touch Cover” (HTA cover) ultra thin napkin - Stayfree® Advanced.

With the new Stayfree® Advanced, the brand promises to provide superior protection and keep consumers comfortable with its unique “soft touch” cover, taking forward Stayfree’s global positioning of “comfortable protection”.

Apart from the Blue Protection Zone technology that locks-in fluid for best-ever protection that keeps you feeling dry for longer, Stayfree® Advanced comes with a unique Soft Touch Cover that helps prevent rashes and skin irritation. The new product also has a Odour Control System with natural plant extract that helps prevent odour and has a gentle hint of fragrance for a fresh and confident feeling. Stayfree® Advanced is available in packs of 8, 16 and 28 sanitary napkins

To support the launch, the brand campaign is designed on the Stayfree “Time to Change” brand idea – “If it irritates you, change it” with a surround sound launch campaign – with presence on TV, Radio, Digital and Outdoors. The brand communication has a social message weaved together with the product story where the protagonist challenges her friend to stop complaining and change things that irritate her.